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Career Frustration in the Workplace Paperback – February 4, 2016

Spend enough time in the workplace, and you’ll come to the same conclusion that Michael Owhoko comes to in this career-changing book: Office politics can make or break your career. But many times an organization’s rules are unwritten, and it’s up to the rank and file to find out how things work on their own. As a result, the careers of many innocent employees have come to a standstill or are cut short altogether-all before really getting started. In this guidebook for employees trying to make sense of it all-as well as for businesses seeking to improve their office environment-the author provides tips so you can * prove your worth to older generations of workers; * confront bad behavior without being labelled as anti-establishment; and * follow through on organizational mission statements and objectives. Make a conscious decision to prevent your career from being sidetracked by managers and co-workers who deliberately manipulate procedures and processes for their own selfish gains. It starts when you equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate Career Frustration in the Workplace.

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