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Feminism: the Agony of Men– January 10, 2019

Most times people think marriage is an easy venture, and without due diligence, they jump into it before realizing the complexity of the institution they have committed to. And to complicate matters, while God has created marriage in a specific way, women today now believe that they have the same rights and authority as the men, leading to undue agitation in marriages where there are no longer defined roles as God intended.

Feminism: The Agony of Men shows how the feminist movement-which advocates for equal rights, opportunity, and authority with men-is the major cause of unending tension between men and women both in marriages and in relationships outside of marriage. This feminist philosophy has left men groaning in pains in his own world, as his spouse believes they are partners in the marriage and so must have equal rights, authority, and opportunity.


Until the philosophy behind feminism is curbed, men will continue to experience pains under cold relationships that will eventually lead to the collapse of their marriages. Feminism: The Agony of Men is an exposition of the silent pains men go through in marriages induced by feminism and the need for restraint, allowing natural order to prevail.

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