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Workplace Rats

New book describes corporate thieves as Workplace Rats, exposes tactics Employees who perpetrate fraud through stealing in the workplace has been labeled as “Workplace Rats” in a new book, which has just been released to the public.

The book which admits that poor business model and financial management contribute to business failures, specifically identified stealing as a major cause of bankruptcy in organisations.

The book asserts that some employees and executives within the lowest and highest rung of organizational ladder are pilfers, who often exploit any cavity within the system to generate unearned income for selfish ends.

It refers to such employees as Workplace Rats.The book which reveals motives, schemes, intrigues and tactics deployed by fraudulent employees to rip off employers, also contains ways and how organisations can prevent Workplace Rats from executing their dishonest and unethical practices at the workplace.

Written by Dr. Michael Owhoko, renowned author and journalist, the book is entitled, Workplace Rats. It was published by Exceller Books, and it is currently on sale on Amazon, Banes and Nobles and major bookstores worldwide.

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